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We have Gauteng covered!

At Fire-IT, we understand that modern business is about connectivity and idea-sharing. We’re experts in making those vital processes easier and more intuitive.
Business Solutions

The end goal of every Fire-IT project is complete client satisfaction with our products and services.

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Let us empower your business to succeed in the global digital marketplace by designing your network infrastructure.


Put our experience and expertise to work developing solutions for your business.

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Grow your business at the speed of light

Business Solutions

We’re all about facilitating creativity and connectivity, so you can grow your business at the speed of light.

We’re also here when things go wrong, although when you work with Fire-IT, that’ll be pretty much never.

Business Solutions

We’re all about facilitating creativity and connectivity, so you can grow your business at the speed of light.

We’re also here when things go wrong, although when you work with Fire-IT, that’ll be pretty much never.

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Server Solutions

We provide reliable, secure and high-performance data storage and processing solutions to meet your needs and give your business the room it needs to expand.

Fire-IT can assist with managing variable data streams, integrating legacy data, and ensuring you are correctly positioned for general and industry-specific regulatory compliance. We’ll make sure that you are able to meet all your data security obligations to your partners and clients.

Fire-IT offers both owned and managed on-site server solutions, and Virtual Server solutions.

Virtual Servers

VMware Specialist Gauteng

  • We can set up your onsite server as a Hyper Visor system with multiple VMs (Virtual Machines – emulated computer systems that provide the functionality of a physical computer).
  • We can oversee and maintain both VMware and Hyper-V systems.
  • Fire-IT has successfully built VM infrastructure ranging from 1 VM to 80 VMs per client.

Physical Servers

  • Bare Metal onsite servers, capable of running multiple services.

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Fire-IT Server Solutions

We Lower Your Call Costs with VoIP!


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or internet telephony enables voice and multimedia communications over secure internet connections, rather than using mobile or fixed telephone networks.

Fire-IT specialises in the installation, implementation and maintenance of VoIP functionality, connecting your business to the world and the world to your business.

Advantages of VoIP

  • Significantly lower call costs
  • Ideal for remote or mobile workers
  • Easily scalable
  • Can be integrated with legacy telecoms systems

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Fire-IT VoIP Solution

Worried About Data Loss? We’ve Got Your Back!


Could your business cope without its mission-critical data? Could it survive? Without backups, a single error or system failure could destroy years or hard work and value. However reliable you believe your systems to be, failing to back up your data is extremely risky behaviour.

With backup support from Fire-IT, there’s no need to lose sleep over your data. Do business fearlessly, knowing that we’ve got your back.

Should the worst happen, we’re here for you, and we can restore your data and systems to any required point in time. Losing data might be unfortunate; not being backed up is reckless. Don’t take a chance with your business.

Our backup service options range in duration from 1 – 6 months for onsite backup, to 1 – 4 weeks for offsite backup. Subscriptions to our backup service cost from as little as R550.00 per month and our customisable tree view gives you oversight of all backup activity. Recover to a certain date or recover specific files only, as required.

Our offsite backup capacity currently exceeds 300TB – we have all the storage space you need for ultimate peace of mind.

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Fire-IT Backup Solutions





Offsite backup capacity
currently exceeds


Onsite backup 1 – 6 months

  Offsite backup 1 – 4 weeks

We Protect Your Business From Hackers & Data Theft!


The threats to your data security are proliferating and can strike without warning. Then there are hackers and other unauthorised people who may try to access your business data and systems for reasons ranging from financial gain to pure mischief-making.

A Fire-IT firewall lets the right people access exactly what they need – but keeps everyone else out. Protect your business, your investment and your people with Fire-IT.

Our expertise includes building Linux firewalls customised to your precise protection needs, as well as creating Fortigate UTM firewalls. These Unified Threat Management firewalls offer simplified infrastructure for SMEs by consolidating multiple security and networking functions.

Firewalls Options

  • Linux Firewalls – customised to your precise protection needs
  • Fortigate UTM Firewalls – Simplified infrastructure for SMEs

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Fire-IT Firewall Protection

Everything Your Teams Need to Communicate & Share Ideas!

Network Solutions

You spend a lot of your time networking, so you understand how important it is. Let Fire-IT seamlessly connect all your devices, systems, teams and premises – including remote workers.

We’ll bring your people together, and make it easier for them to share ideas, information and inspiration. Fire-IT networks can be fully customised to incorporate legacy systems and are designed with the additional space and functionality they need to futureproof your enterprise.  

Get Connected

  • All your devices
  • Systems and Teams
  • Premises and Remote workers

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Fire-IT Network Solutions

We Implement & Optimize Email Retrieval, Delivery & Storage Systems!


Email remains the backbone of business communication. To get an email system you can rely on for communication, storage and retrieval in both everyday conversations and recovery scenarios, contact Fire-IT.

Fire-IT offers both Office 365 and Google Business email solutions, and we add extra security features to ensure your emails can only ever be read by the right people.


Email Solutions

  • Office 365
  •  Google Business

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Fire-IT eMail Solutions

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